Hard Candy (feat. Harmen Ridderbos of Town of Saints)

by Broken Brass Ensemble

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The second song from the Broken Brass Ensemble album 'Astonishing Tales from Beyond the Brass Dimension' is a gloomy, and slightly sexy murder ballad. Think of it as Nick Cave, riding around in Sin City, followed by a couple of wild Frisian horn blowers. Accompanied by a video like an film noir movie, with dreary murder scenes and a beautiful, long legged women called Candy.


Lyrics 'Hard Candy'

Candy's walking on the dark side of the street
Finds Jerry sleeping on the cold concrete
Takes a knife out of her old trench coat
With surgical precision leaves a smile on his throat

Next thing you know she's a the Ranch Motel
Picks up a man she don't know very well
Makes him shiver, makes him speak in tongues
And stabs the knife through his liver and his lungs

Candy kills for fun, yes she does
If she's around you know you better up and run
Candy's got no soul, oh
But she's definitely on a roll, oh sweet Candy
Hard Candy

Ol' Skinny Kinley takes his father to church
Prays for the souls that are lost on earth
Kneels down to talk to the good lord almighty
Gets up and finds his daddy stabbed twenty times, yeah

Skinny runs outside to find an fearful sight
Candy on her knees, in each hand a knife
Both arms sticking up to the sky above
Can't blame a girl for looking for some Father's love, oh no

Skinny Kinley, he loses it
Screams at the girl: 'what is this crazy shit?'
Grabs her by the shoulders, only to forget
Two gigantic knifes, way to close to his head

Candy's got it bad, yes she does
Won't stop for no one, at no cause
And she's onto you and your friends
Your at the mercy of her murdering hands, sweet Candy

Father William watches from afar
Grabs his .45 from behind the altar
Pulls his robe together, steps outside
Puts a bullet right between Candy's eyes


released April 13, 2017
Nick Feenstra, Luc Hudepohl, Sjors Dijkstra, Harmen Ridderbos



all rights reserved


Broken Brass Ensemble Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Broken Brass Ensemble are taking brass to a new level, creating a 2.0 version of the vibrant New Orleans brass sound. They inject the traditional New Orleans brass with a fusion of hiphop, funk, soul, dance, jazz (and much more) and turn it into a blazing mixture of energy. Live they deliver hard-hitting brass sounds and their riotous shows have seen them conquer crowds all over Europe. ... more


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